Vitamin Concerns For Vegetarians and Vegans

Vegetarian Vitamins

A common misconception is that vegetarian vitamins, that is the vitamin intake of a vegetarian, is deficient in some ways and therefore somehow unhealthy. However, the fact is that there are only two vitamins, B12 and D, that do not naturally occur in plant-based sources (but can be easy supplemented.) With the exception of these, eating a healthy and varied diet should supply every vitamin that a human requires. If you are eating a non-vegan diet that includes dairy and/or eggs, then you will most likely not have to worry about any of these.

Calcium is essential for overall bone health as well as reducing the risk for osteoporosis. This vitamin is usually associated with milk and other dairy products, and has been a common selling point for the dairy industry for years. If you have decided to eliminate dairy from your diet, do not fret, there are other sources of calcium outside of animal sources.
Here are just a few of the abundant selection of plant-based calcium sources


Leafy greens(spinach, collard greens, kale, lettuce…all packed with many essential vegetarian vitamins)




Dried Fruit

Calcium-fortified orange juice

Iron is required in the circulatory system, which provides oxygen to the bodies organs. Iron deficiency can result in anaemia. Iron is in a form which is somewhat easier to absorb when it is found in animal sources (and is therefore commonly associated with meat), however an adequate intake from strictly plant foods is easily achieved. Here are some sources of iron:


Whole Grains

Leafy Greens






Vitamin D is not naturally occurring in plant foods, but it is synthesized by your body during exposure to sunlight. Unfortunately for individuals with darker skin, such as myself, this process would take a significant amount of daily exposure to the sun. To be on the safe side, find a good multivitamin (check ingredients and vitamin content), or find foods that are fortified with vitamin D (such as soy milk, orange juice, or certain cereals).

Vitamin B12This is the vitamin that you must supplement if you are not eating any foods from animal sources. Find a good multi-vitamin that includes B12 and take it daily. Technically, your body needs very little of this vitamin, and in some cases it can be stored in your body for years…nevertheless you do not want to risk vitamin deficiency.

The Benefits of Massage For Animals

Animal massage can benefit all animals from companion pets such as cats and dogs to horses and livestock and even zoo animals. The benefits of massage for animals mirror those for people, including decreased stress and improved circulation.

For many, pet massage sounds like a luxury for pampered pets only. However, many canines receive massage to help recover from surgery or injury and athletes such as racehorses or agility dogs receive sport massage to improve performance. Service dogs and dogs used in police or military service have high stress jobs where massage can mean the difference between early retirement and more time on the job.

Many studies have been conducted to verify the benefits of massage. For instance, massage has been proven to lower blood pressure, increase appetite and reduce the perceived pain and discomfort of arthritis.

For those with aging dogs and cats, animal massage therapy provides one more tool in the management of age-related conditions and helps to improve the quality of their pet’s life. Pet health care has moved beyond the age of grocery-store dog food and once-a-year vaccinations. Today, pet health supplies include vitamins, specialty food and treats, hydrotherapy, acupuncture and chiropractic and, yes, pet massage therapy.

The focus of animal massage for many years was horses, particularly racing and show horses. The benefit of massage for horses is well recognized among horse owners. Massage certification has been offered in equine massage therapy for years, but only recently has the focused turned toward pet massage certification. With literally billions of dollars flowing into the pet care industry and pets living longer and more active lives, pet massage therapy is now being offered at veterinarian clinics, grooming salons and doggie daycare establishments all over the country.

One of the benefits of massage for animals mentioned was improved circulation. Better circulation can contribute to improved digestion and better metabolism, a tremendous benefit for the large number of pets suffering from obesity and gastrointestinal disorders. Additionally, improved circulation can slow the degenerative process of arthritis and improve energy levels in geriatric pets. Better circulation means better immune function, helping to reduce the risk of infection or illness and assisting in the rapid recovery from injury or illness. Better blood flow also contributes to improve healing post-surgically.

Two of the most common conditions plaguing our dog population today are hip dysplasia and soft tissue injuries to the knee such as ACL tears (ruptures or strains of the anterior cruciate ligament in the stifle joint). Both are generally corrected by surgery and, particularly in the case of ACL tears, have a high rate of recurrence and post-surgical development of arthritis. Pet massage therapy can play a crucial role in optimal and rapid recovery from such surgeries and may play a role in reducing the risk of re-injury. Post-surgical confinement also causes boredom and restlessness for many animals and diminished the health of the immune system which is dependent on activity for optimal health. Animal massage can be used to reduce boredom, decrease stress and increase relaxation for dogs and cats during periods of confinement.

Equine massage therapy has a long history in the United States and abroad. For racehorses, massage can mean reduced recovery time between races and reduced incidence of injury due to improved flexibility of soft tissues. For investors, time off for recovery or lay-up due to injury is expensive and can reduce the career of a horse dramatically. In this case, the benefits of massage for animals is not only physical and psychological, it is also economical.

Even exotic species and wild animals have experienced benefits from animal massage therapy under the skilled hands of specialized animal massage therapists. The benefits of massage for animals in a zoological park fall under three categories: training, enrichment and health. Veterinarian staff can use massage to minimize the time that an exotic species spends in the hospital following surgery or illness, a critical element in the success of the animal’s return to the wild or onto exhibit. Specific massage techniques can be used to improve the production and movement of lymphatic fluid and assist in metabolism of anesthesia and related medications.

Animal trainers can use certain massage techniques as reinforcement for performed behaviors when food rewards are not safe or effective. Massage can improve nerve function and brain function as well, making training easier. Enrichment involves providing activities to captive animals that stimulate them physically and psychologically and improve their quality of life. Studies indicate that enrichment programs in zoological parks may contribute to the longevity of individual animals and may reduce safety concerns with animals that may become aggressive due to stress or boredom. Massage can be a valuable tool in enrichment programs for many species.

In closing, the benefits of massage for animals are as numerous and varied as those for people. In the last decade more and more people have added massage to their own health care regimen and seen tremendous benefit. Many of these same people have seen the power of massage add quality and time to the lives of their adored pets. Considering all that animals contribute to our lives through companionship, sport and service; a massage now and then serves as a powerful sign of gratitude.

Dog Food for Adults and Their Diet Change

Adult Dogs Feeding

The maintenance period for a dog starts when he reaches the condition of full maturity. And normally the healthy dog doesn’t require high nutritional food as compare to the pregnant, hardworking and nursing dogs. Thus the pregnant, hardworking and nursing dogs need to be given a good care for a good body condition. Exactly the good condition of their health is defined as:

1. The proportionate development of the animal

2. Observable waist behind the chest

3. Covering of Slight fat over the ribs which can be felt with a touch.

Supplement vitamins, minerals or meat isn’t necessary if the pet is fed with complete and balance dog food. But if in the case where the dog is fed with the table scraps and supplementary meat products, they will need more than 10% of the total diet they are fed. So, there is one diet that can bring out some changes in your dog noticeably. The Natural Balance Brand dog food have those vital nutrients that are required to avoid the dilution of nutritional value in dog’s food, disposing the dog towards obesity and creating a finicky eater.

For the lower calorie and less active dogs, more attention should be given in order not to let them gain excessive weight because an overweight dog have many health problems and short life span. You can often decrease their weight by avoiding them to feed on table scraps and treats, and avoiding high energy pet food.

Whether they are fed twice a day or thrice a day, they should be fed at the same routine and the water you are giving to them must be fresh. The food which you feed them should be according to their breed, activity and metabolism and this all thing is taken consideration by the Natural Balance Brand dog food manufacturer with high attention given for the proper health developments.

Change in Dog’s Diet as he grows old

You have to be more attentive when your pets grow older because at this age they need more nutritional value for the better health. During this age period, their digestive system change and need more vitamins and proteins with fewer calories. Taking these requirements in preference, Natural Balance Dog Food also has those diets that are based on senior diet formula.

It depends on the dog breed to be a geriatric eater when aged. A small dog like Jack Russell at six years age is teen dog whereas a Great Dane can be senior. So before recommending a dog food for your dog yourself, you surely want some tips for the nutrition from your veterinarian.

The Healthiest Dog Food For Your Puppy – Prevent Dog Diseases and Prolong Their Life

The healthiest dog food for your puppy, prevent dog diseases and prolong their life. Any new born puppy needs all the strength and nutrients to grow big and strong. Once they have weaned off feeding from their mothers, they will require the best possible diet.

Veterinarians alike will all agree that the wet and dry food we buy in the supermarkets and marts are full of preservatives and other bad ingredients. This is no secret. Only some of the top brands take care not to use some of the deadly ingredients, naturally they are also the most expensive products on the shelf.

You should not subject your dog to these dangerous and harmful dog foods, especially when they are puppies and are still growing and need all their vitamins and supplements.

I would strongly suggest you make your own food for your puppy and any other dogs you might have. Some dog food suppliers have traces of Sodium Pentobarbital, which is used to euthanize some animals. This deadly chemical is present in processed protein meat when they produce dog food. The dosage may be low but is still present in the food and causes many deadly diseases that dogs suffer from later in life.

Some dog manufactures also use the deadly Ethoxyguin (EQ), BHT and BHA ingredients in their dog foods. This is used to preserve the food but is also deadly. It is not allowed to be used in Human food because of its toxicity. It is cheap and allowed to be used in animal food, can you believe it!

It is a known fact these chemicals in processed dog food cause the following illnesses:

  • Kidney failure
  • Blindness
  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Hair loss
  • Skin, kidney, stomach, and bladder cancer

These are all common symptoms of food poisoning, humans suffer the same symptoms when poisoned. Commercial pet foods are poisoning our pets very slowly. Many cases of behaviour problems with dogs have also being linked to toxic dog food. If you love your puppy, don’t let them suffer from these poisonous commercial products.

There are many different recipes of food you can prepare for your dog from scratch at home. They vary from chicken, beef, lamb and mixed variety of carbohydrates and vegetables. Giving your puppy all the energy and nutrition they require. You will extend you dogs life as much as 50% – 80% longer if you make your own dog food.

How to Choose the Best Dog Food for Your Pet

With so many pet food brands on the market, it is hard for any dog owner to know just which one is the best dog food. Is it the $20 bag? The $40 bag? Or is it really worth it to buy the $100 bag of food that you see sitting at the veterinarian’s office every time you take your dog for his routine vaccinations?

If you are wondering if you are feeding your dog the best dog food there is out there, here are some things to bear in mind when you go pet food shopping next time.

Know the Ratios
Knowing just how much of “what” should be in the food for dogs is a good and easy way to first start examining and determining whether or not a dog food is the best dog food for your pet. An easy way to look at it is that your dog’s diet should consist of the following:
• 50% vegetables
• 40% meat
• 10% grain (or carbohydrates)

That means that the food that has “corn” as the third ingredient probably isn’t the best dog food for your pet. You also don’t want to choose a pet food that promises to be loaded in meat. Dogs need their protein, sure, but anything over the 40% mark is simply overloading your dog with an unnecessary ingredient.

Meat should be High on the Ingredients List
Just as “corn” shouldn’t be the third ingredient on the list, meat shouldn’t be the last. As a matter of fact, meat should be the number one ingredient on the list! The first three ingredients on a quality bag of food for dogs are some sort of animal meat meal, such as beef meal or lamb meal.

TIP: Do not be fooled by seeing that a meat meal is first on the list, only to be followed up by fillers and by-products. Make sure that the first three ingredients are a meat meal to ensure that you are feeding your dog the best dog food.

Skip the Preservatives
Preservatives are absolutely horrible for human and dog health alike. If you want to improve your dogs health, you need to skip on any dog foods that contain chemical preservatives like BHT, BHA, and Ethoxquin. Any foods that are made with the natural preservatives vitamin E and vitamin C are far better choices.

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