How to Choose the Best Dog Food for Your Pet

With so many pet food brands on the market, it is hard for any dog owner to know just which one is the best dog food. Is it the $20 bag? The $40 bag? Or is it really worth it to buy the $100 bag of food that you see sitting at the veterinarian’s office every time you take your dog for his routine vaccinations?

If you are wondering if you are feeding your dog the best dog food there is out there, here are some things to bear in mind when you go pet food shopping next time.

Know the Ratios
Knowing just how much of “what” should be in the food for dogs is a good and easy way to first start examining and determining whether or not a dog food is the best dog food for your pet. An easy way to look at it is that your dog’s diet should consist of the following:
• 50% vegetables
• 40% meat
• 10% grain (or carbohydrates)

That means that the food that has “corn” as the third ingredient probably isn’t the best dog food for your pet. You also don’t want to choose a pet food that promises to be loaded in meat. Dogs need their protein, sure, but anything over the 40% mark is simply overloading your dog with an unnecessary ingredient.

Meat should be High on the Ingredients List
Just as “corn” shouldn’t be the third ingredient on the list, meat shouldn’t be the last. As a matter of fact, meat should be the number one ingredient on the list! The first three ingredients on a quality bag of food for dogs are some sort of animal meat meal, such as beef meal or lamb meal.

TIP: Do not be fooled by seeing that a meat meal is first on the list, only to be followed up by fillers and by-products. Make sure that the first three ingredients are a meat meal to ensure that you are feeding your dog the best dog food.

Skip the Preservatives
Preservatives are absolutely horrible for human and dog health alike. If you want to improve your dogs health, you need to skip on any dog foods that contain chemical preservatives like BHT, BHA, and Ethoxquin. Any foods that are made with the natural preservatives vitamin E and vitamin C are far better choices.